The photo-documentaries on this website are a selection of work done by photographer Wim Klerkx. Most projects were self-initiated and funded by various means. The series were published in magazines worldwide. The photo's were used as journalistic features, as documentation or as photo-essays.

The aim of this website is to make these photographs now available for those interested in the subjects they cover and of course for those interested in documentary photography. The series contain many images that were never published before.

Almost all images can be downloaded by hovering the mouse-pointer over the image. Use is free, under a Creative Commons License. The restrictions are that the images are not to be used commercially, where possible credit should be given to the author and the images nor the image-files are to be altered. If you want to use the images commercially, please contact one of the agents listed on the 'contact' page.

For completeness' sake, some images have been included that cannot be downloaded. Some of the images' publication rights are bound by contracts signed in order to gain acces. For other images it is a matter of privacy for the people on the photo.

Please watch, learn, link and share!